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Wichita Falls, Texas – Welcome to the Supermap!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I have the deepest affection for any municipality in which among the local paper’s top stories there appears a headline: new ice cream parlor opens.

Some might say it’s because the medium-sized to small towns of this country have nothing better to do, that they fill the news hole with accounts related to Superman Ice Cream, but I would chalk it up to these folks having their priorities straight!

Photo by the Times Record News

Wichita Falls, Texas- welcome to the Supermap and please enjoy your Superman Ice Cream at Addisons Ice Cream Parlor. It just opened on Monday and they serve Superman Ice Cream, as shown to the side. It’s so darned new that the Supermap might still refer to the address as the location of the Comet Cleaners!

If you’re a local and food service is your gig, you might want to check in to see if these folks are still hiring. Props to Ronnie Blanchard for expanding his business in a time when folks are still shy on taking the plunge.

Folks, this map will expand and I will continue to serve the next generation of Superman Ice Cream Lovers. I’ve been starting to hear about Superman Ice Cream from sources coast to coast. New mentions I’ve heard include locations in Florida and Colorado; one person even told me he used to have Superman Ice Cream as far away as Oregon!

The scoop is out there, people!