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  1. Lori Chabe says:

    Help!!! I live in Maine, but grew up in Michigan. I am trying to find a state close by that sells Superman IceCream. I haven’t had it in about 25 years, but it’s a taste that I will never forget!!!!!

  2. Adam says:

    Hi Lori!

    I would love to find out where you can get your hands on some.

    Hopefully if more people get in touch, we can start filling the Supermap with locations near you.

    Is it your guess that Superman Ice Cream is a Michigan thing? I hear that quite a lot myself, and my family is originally from Michigan. But I have found it in other places as well.

    I live in California these days, and last time I went to see my folks in North Carolina I brought some home in an insulated bag! :D

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  5. Dianna Ramirez says:

    OMG they use to have that flavor here in California about 15 years ago at K-mart when they had the snack stan. I use to always get that flavor and loved it but when they shut the snack stan down I was so sad cause my ice cream was gone. They eventually shut that K-mart down about 7 years ago. I was just randomly remembering my fav ice cream and deceided to look it up. Never thought they still had it. Can I find it here in California????

  6. Adam says:

    Hi Dianna,

    I’ve heard that story before about Superman Ice Cream being available at Kmart snack bars in California. I’ll have to check at the Kmart nearby to me in Goleta, but I’m pretty sure that is a thing of the past.

    If I find it here in California, I’ll let you know! If you find it first, please tell me and I’ll add it to the map. :)

  7. Dianna Ramirez says:

    Hey Adam,

    Yes keep your eyes open and I will keep mine open as well. Hope we find it here!!! thanks

  8. Jameson Turner says:

    My friend from Michigan moved here to Las Vegas a couple months ago and she can’t believe that she is unable to find Superman ice cream here. I told her that I had never heard of it much to her surprise, she said she has loved it all her life. I emailed Smith’s supermarket here in Vegas because I discovered that Kroger makes a superman flavor and Smith’s is part of the Kroger family. The store manager from Smith’s said he will try to find out if he can get it.
    If anybody else lives in Vegas(or even if you don’t), call the store at 9851 W Charleston (702)946-1200 and help me convince the manager(Ben) to stock the item!
    I also received this email from Kroger:

    1111056049 Party Pail Superman Ice Cream
    Dear Jameson Turner:

    I believe this product is still available. The bar code is above and the line no. is 00250. You may make a request at the store level. I will also send an email to the store to let him know you are requesting this product. Thank you so much. Ellen.

    Ellen C. Griffin
    Consumer Affairs Representative
    The Kroger Co.

  9. Sandy says:

    You can put this on your map, I called and confirmed this place has superman Ice Cream!

    Norfolk Ice Cream Company
    4306 Monarch Way
    Norfolk, VA 23508

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